What I Do

I specialise in the construction side of landscaping, incorporating:

Paving for patios, terraces and steps, brickwork and stonework

Working in the Malvern area I have created many retained gardens with their associated terraces and patios and of course steps, in many types of paving, brick and stone.

Fencing, gates, pergolas and arbours

I have put up many boundary fences and gates and I know what a straight line is. I have created many timber features including one superb half moon pergola that was nicknamed by my customer as 'Woodhenge' and was often used for tea and cake.

Ponds and related water features

Over the years I have created several hundred ponds of a formal, informal and natural form. They have often been associated with streams, waterfalls and rockeries. Indeed, one of my projects has eighteen waterfalls!

Turfing and seeding

I am able to turf and seed to bowling green standard or create a wild garden area using seed.

Sunken and raised gardens and much, much more

Together with my customer's vision and my ability, I am able to create much more in your garden including raised and sunken gardens, vegetable areas, rock areas and borders. I am able to pull many features together to create a whole flowing and unique layout. I also take into account the safety and mobility of adults, children and pets.

Thoroughness is a key watchword for me, for example, walls are laid on proper foundations, slabs on concrete not sand or five spots of mortar on hard core. I go back to gardens I worked in twenty years ago to do additional work and my original has not moved, subsided or cracked – my work stays done!

"Thoroughness and attention to detail"